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Welcome to OFFAL EXP World


We are specialists in beef offal.

We have been professionals in this field for more than 60 years, and our know-how has made our Company the most important in its field worldwide.


We developed a model plant, leader in South America, over an area of 60,000 m2 for beef offal processing. Our current incorporation of the latest technologies in areas of packaging, palletization, freezing tunnels and storehouses, allows us to maintain our heading position in the market.

We export 7.000 tons/month, with production lines for 400 tons/day, and a storage capacity of 10.000 tons.

Our products are oriented to supply the different market segments: supermarkets, wholesalers, factories, etc.


Our commitment to quality and the service we provide to our clients is our trademark, being present in both the emerging as well as in more developed markets.

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Our different production lines include:


• Raw

• Semi-cooked

• Cooked

Suitable for:

• Human consumption

• Pharmaceutical use


• Pet food

Our aim for the next years is to expand into other countries like United States, Mexico, Japan and other Asian countries, with products suitable for these markets. 

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